TB156 (4621-352)

Spillane Trailers introduces the TB4621-352 tiltbed trailer from Ifor Williams for sale in Ireland. The TB4621-352 is designed to carry loads up to 3500 kg in weight, which makes it ideal for transporting cars, jeeps and other farm and road vehicles. It has an overall length of 6.2 meters which offer generous space alongside a 2.04 meter width.

The tilt bed range is ideal for loading groundcare machinery or for users requiring a versatile Car Transporter which also offers the benefits of a standard flatbed trailer. The TB4021-352 trailer is complete with a plywood floor which is flush with steel outer edges and are suitable for a range of vehicles including rollers and excavators. The low bed height and reduced loading angles further increase the versatility of this trailer range.

Model Tyres Gross Weight Unladen Weight Internal Length Internal Width Overall Length Overall Width
TB4021-302 195/55R10 3000kg 719kg 4.07m/13'4" 2.04m/6'8" 5.80m/19' 2.04m/6'8"
TB4021-352 195/60R12 3500kg 745kg 4.07m/13'4" 2.04m/6'8" 5.82m/19'1" 2.04m/6'8"
TB4621-302 195/55R10 3000kg 764kg 4.64m/15'3" 2.04m/6'8" 6.17m/20'3" 2.04m/6'8"
TB4621-352 195/60R12 3500kg 789kg 4.64m/15'3" 2.04m/6'8" 6.20m/20'4" 2.04m/6'8"
TB5021-353 195/55R10 3500kg 895kg 5.10m/16'9" 2.04m/6'8" 6.60m/21'8" 2.04m/6'8"
TB5521-353 195/55R10 3500kg 878kg 5.57m/18'3" 2.04m/6'8" 7.11m/23'4" 2.04m/6'8"

Choose from a choice of three rear loading options. Trailers are also fitted with a minimum of ten lashing holes, depending on trailer length.

Various options and accessories are available for your trailer. Some may need to be ordered with your trailer as a factory fit item, while others can be purchased at a later date. Please check with your distributor before ordering.